What to Bring to Big Bear Lake , CA

Being Prepared Always Makes for a Better Experience

All Big Bear vacation homes are set up for simple housekeeping and cooking. Each vacation home is furnished according to the owner’s taste. Vacation homes vary in amenities, décor, furnishings, etc. Amenities shown in photos are not available for tenant use unless specifically stated in the home's description. All vacation homes provide bedspreads, pillows, a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, coffee maker, toaster or toaster oven, microwave, and other kitchen items for simple meal preparation and serving.

Our office does not have items for rent.

Don't Forget To Bring …

  • Personal pillow – although all homes provide pillows, usually one gets a better sleep bringing their own.
  • Paper products (toilet paper, kitchen paper towels, napkins, paper plates, utensils, cups etc.)
  • Kitchen items (aluminum and plastic wraps, cleaning supplies, plastic garbage bags, liquid dishwasher soap, food and condiments)
  • Specialty cook and bake ware, non stick cooking spray, you may need based on your preferences 
  • Additional pots/pans for cooking for large groups or holidays
  • Personal toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, etc.)
  • Hair dryer
  • Extra blankets (winter season only)
  • Free standing fan (spring & summer)
  • Bath towels (if you opted out of our towel service)
  • Beach towels for homes with hot tubs
  • Baby items (pack-n-play, high chair, baby gate, etc.)
  • Sunscreen & chapstick (year round)
  • Iron & ironing board (c’mon you’re on vacation!)
  • Laundry detergent
  • Flashlights
  • Battery operated radio
  • Ethernet cable and/or wireless notebook card (for homes that advertise high speed internet for tenant use)
  • If you are planning special meals, you should bring the necessary preparation equipment for such.

Although vacation homes differ in their amenities based on each individual owner, it is not standard to have the items listed below found in your rental. Please review the list and decide whether you should add any or these items to your list of what to bring.

  • Food processor or  blenders
  • Rice cookers, crock pots, or casserole cookware
  • Large roasters for turkeys etc., small, medium, and large serving platters and/or bowls
  • Special or extra large pots and pans
  • Multiple pots/pans for cooking extensive meals for large groups
  • Multiple sized containers to store leftover food in
  • Baking sheets or cake/cupcake pans
  • Hand mixer, measuring cups/spoons, candy or food thermometer (holiday cooking)
  • Wine opener, wine glasses, wine carafe
  • Specialty bar-b-cueing utensils
  • Chef’s knives, electric carving knife
  • Ladles for soup and/or punch
  • Anything else you may come up with that you would need according to your preference.
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