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Save Money, Rent a Cabin Instead of a Hotel Room

Renting a home is cheaper than you think, Budget conscious folks can find great value in savings when comparing the cost of the stay with the amenities difference a home can make. As you will see, there is no comparison on the money saved! There is equally no comparison on the comfort, convenience, and extras that enhance your stay by choosing a vacation rental home versus a hotel room or small lodging cabin.

More space for less. On a nightly basis, vacation rentals deliver exceptional value, especially if you travel with friends or a group. The space you get relative to the price you pay is tremendous.

Do not disturb, you won’t be. Your property will be prepared prior to your arrival as well as cleaned up after your departure. Your privacy will not be intruded on. Eat in your own kitchen. Play in your own yard. Relax in your hot tub, play on your own pool table or game table, multiple TVs allow for watching various channels (adults, kids). Vacation rentals offer unbeatable privacy.

Stick to your schedule. No need to cram the whole family into a single hotel room and try to sleep while night owls watch TV or adults can’t get to sleep because they turned off the TV so that the kids will go to sleep. And if you want to lounge in your PJs all day, no worries that housekeeping is going to boot you out.

More money in your wallet. “Just a kitchen can make a huge difference to the bottom line. “When you stay in a hotel room you have to eat out 100 percent of the time. Pack less and do a load of laundry in your washer and dryer. Basically, all you need to do is just bring your clothes and enjoy.

Let’s compare cost of an average stay for 2 nights with 10 guests.

A standard hotel room versus a 4 Nugget Rated 3 Bedroom Cabin.

Vacation Rental Wins with a Savings of $1,142.05

Hotel Cost

2 Nights in September

Serving Size: 10 people, 3 Standard Hotel Rooms

Room Rate…………………$1127.04

3 double rooms at $169.99­­­­ ea., $509.97 pr day




Lunch____________________ $300.00


Tips                                 $  50.00

Misc. food servers, maids, bellhops etc.

Cleaning__________________$     0.00

Damage Waiver Fee____ _  $     0.00

TOTALS                             $2249.13

Per person, Per day             $112.46

*Rates based off A Name Brand Hotel within Big Bear

Vacation Rental Cost

2 Nights in September

  Serving Size: 10 people, 3 BR Home/ 4 Nugget Rating

Room Rate…………………….$772.94           

Incudes : Hot Tub, full game room, pool table,

Foosball, TV & electronic games, large deck,& more

Taxes_____________________$ 74.14


Breakfast__________________$  55.00

Lunch____________________ $  55.00


Tips                                $    0.00

Misc. food servers, maids, bellhops etc.

Cleaning__________________$     0.00

Damage Waiver Fee_______  $     0.00

TOTALS                           $1107.08

Per person, Per day           $   55.36

*Rates based off of Bear Kub Kabin

Your best deal for lodging choices is to rent a professionally managed vacation home rather than stay at expensive resorts and hotels. Vacation rentals are superior to hotels or resorts in terms of privacy and comfort level.

Private homes, no matter what the size, offer guests the money savings ability to make your own meals in the convenience of your own fully equipped kitchen, most homes offer a BBQs as well. Equipped with full size refrigerators over and above mini bars or mini refrigerators guests are afforded the same level of comfort as they experience in their own homes, making the vacation rental home truly a home away from home experience.

The extra space afforded allows multiple guests to enjoy comfort by having a variety of seating options such as full size living rooms, dens, dining areas etc. Per sq. foot the cost of a vacation rental compared to a hotel room is no comparison.

 Additional attributes offered by some cabins are private hot tubs, Jacuzzis, game tables, wireless internet (no extra charge), and washers and dryers. Most hotel rooms do not offer these items, or at least, they are not private to the guests.

Spacious balconies for multiple guests as well as outdoor furniture to spread out and enjoy is also an option depending upon the home and its amenities. 

Renting a pet friendly home will also allow comfort of your family pet, sometimes a fenced yard is available for fido to run and play in the yard. Be sure to check out our pet friendly cabins.

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