Traveling Etiquette for Dog Owners

While traveling is a pleasant experience for both owner and dog, it is an extra responsibility for owners when they choose to bring along their beloved friend. Below are some suggestions on the etiquette one should consider adopting when traveling with your dog.


Etiquette for Owners Traveling with Your Dog

  1. Make sure the establishment you will be staying at knows you will be bringing your dog(s).
  2. Ask if your dog is allowed inside the check-in office prior to arriving at the desk.
  3. Never leave your dog unattended within the home.
  4. In mountain communities, never leave your dog unattended outside, day or night.
  5. Always bring your carrier in the event that you must leave your dog in a strange room or home. This will help the dog feel a sense of comfort and security confined in his/her own surrounding.
  6. Make sure your dog is well behaved and friendly towards others. If this poses a problem you should consider taking your dog to obedience classes and/or find other ways to socialize the dog so that both dog and owner can feel free to be relaxed in society.
  7. Keep your dog on a leash. Unfortunately not all people are comfortable around dogs and may be afraid. Also, other dog lovers with their dogs on leashes will appreciate the respect.
  8. Don't allow your dog to bark incessantly at any hour of the day or night.
  9. Make sure your dog has relieved himself/herself before going to a restaurant or other confined public area.
  10. Make sure that your dog uses outdoor areas appropriate to relieve him/herself.
  11. ALWAYS clean up after your dog.
  12. Most restaurants in Big Bear will only allow up to two dogs per table. If you have more dogs, you should consider asking the management what their policy is and if they will accomodate your needs.
  13. Keep a keen eye on your dog and make sure they do not go to the bathroom in any inappropriate public area. Should an unexpected accident occur, owners should take responsibility and immediately clean the mess up.small-dog-big-bone
  14. When the dog is inside the home, keep him/her off the furniture. If you must allow the dog on furniture make sure to use a sheet or other protective covering to protect against sharp nails and dog hair on items.
  15. Bring along towels specifically for your dog, rather than using the towels provided for people.
  16. Clean up the feces left in the yard from your dog before final departure.

Although we're sure your canine would love a large juicy bone to accompany him/her during travel, don't just throw your dog a bone, prepare for his/her trip lovingly. For your convenience, we've also compiled some good information pertaining to packing for your traveling pooch.

We hope this information is helpful and appreciated in the spirit it is shared with.

This should be a weekend, getaway, vacation to remember!

Happy Woofers.......

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