Should I allow pets in my Big Bear Vacation Rental?

Today, more and more guests are choosing to bring their pet along. This trend is gaining in popularity as we write this. We feel the best decisions made are made when being exposed to information that might not be otherwise considered. Therefore, we want you to consider the information below when making your final decision whether or not to allow pets with your rentals.

Because the demand for pet rental cabins has become increasingly more popular, we have structured a search option within our website that highlights pet friendly cabin rentals in our program. We believe this option will help those searching to find the right cabin for both them and their pet as well as help the owners who allow this option to increase their occupancy.

By allowing pets, homeowners increase the marketability of their properties, especially in the shoulder season.  This should likely increase your rental occupancy and your gross rental income. Empty nesters and young couples, our target market in the shoulder season, often travel with a family pet. It is also important to note that, if a homeowner decides to allow pets, he/she should expect that most families will bring a pet with them.

We charge each guest a non-refundable fee when they bring along their family pet. This fee compensates for the additional cleaning associated with a pet friendly home. It does not cover additional carpet or upholstery cleanings.

In our experience, pet damage is usually minimal. Homeowners should expect to incur a few scratches throughout the season, but if we notice that a “destructive” animal has been in a house, we will do our best to collect repair money from the guest or the mandatory security deposit protection insurance. Homeowners of pet friendly properties will need to set aside a percentage of their increased income to pay for professional carpet & upholstery cleaning occasionally, this too is the case in non pet friendly homes. We recommend professional cleanings in both shoulder seasons on all of our homes. Pet friendly homes may/may not need additional cleanings.

However, if you choose not to allow pets and bring your own pet(s) to your property, we may have to relocate guests due to allergic reactions. Most guests will assume that non-pet properties have never been host to indoor pets. We do however inform all guests that indicate an allergy that we cannot guarantee an allergen free home.

Ultimately, it’s a homeowner’s personal decision to allow or not allow pets into their rental home. Please remember that service animals for any disability are not pets by law and cannot be restricted and no extra fees can be charged.


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