Mining Rough Options


Enjoy a discovery experience like no other.

We currently offer eight different mine rough to choose from


7 different themes to "reveal" your treasures.

Your choice of treasures will determine whether you are

Dredging at the Water Sluice,

Excavating at the Paleontologist Pit,

Harvesting Oysters at the Mermaids Grotto,

Diving Arm Deep into the Waters of Treasure Island,

Moving thru Snow under Elsa's Castle,

Exploring a New Frontier and the Galaxy of Gems,

or using the Kraken to Crack Open Geodes!




gold-pay-dirt-concentrateAdults and children alike can have fun experiencing and learning how to pan for real gold and take home what you find! It's never been easier to discover gold when you purchase one of our gold panning pay dirt vials, sacks, or kits that has everything you need includiscovery-channel-gold-panning-kitding REAL pay dirt concentrate from active mines. At the Gold Rush Gift Emporium, our Miners Mercantile area offers a variety of pay dirt sacks and/or vials sold seperately if you already have the pan, keeper vial, tweezers, and snuffer bottle. For those thrill seekers wishing to go it alone and need just a gold pan, we sell those as well. Click thru to read about the extra surprise that potentially comes in "all" the pay dirt brought to us and endorsed by the hit reality television series, Gold Rush, currently broadcast by the Discovery Channel. Lucky prospecotrs can leave our sluice with at least $50.00 worth of gold in any of the mini kits or vials and $100 in the small kit and as much as $200.00 worth of gold in the large panning kit with an affordable purchase. Odds are GOOD, only 1 in 250 kits and pay dirt vials or sacks, now that's when you yell, "Eureka" - I've hit the glory hole!


  • Includes: Rough Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones, and some also have Fossils. Lucky Leonard's Mineral bags will allow you to experience your own eureka moment if you are interested in rocks and minerals. Perfect for anyone at any age to start a new hobby and begin a collection or add to an existing one. Choose from a variety of different mineral rough bags, while no two are exactly alike, depending upon which one you choose they will be salted with various minerals from around the world. Lucky Leonard's Mountain Mineral bags do not contain actual gold, they do however abound with a variety of minerals - a nugget of glittering iron pyrite, or "fool's gold", a sparkling quartz crystal, emeralds from Brazil and rubies from India AND MORE! We include a speciman chart to help identify your gemstones and mineral specimens.  
    Includes: Rough and Tumbled Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones. Our gem bucket panning activity will thrill anyone interested in a variety of rough gemstone rocks, tumbled stones, crystals, and minerals. Choose from a variety of different miners gem buckets. Depending upon which one you choose they will be salted with various gemstones, rough and tumbled, from around the world. The treasures in our gem buckets are different from the treasures within the mineral bags. Although the buckets contain no actual gold, they abound with a variety of gemstones - no two are alike.
  • We include a speciman chart to help identify your treasured gemstones.  
  • (offered year round)
  • "Let Yourself Go" in our Wonderland of Frozen Fantasy.....Warm Hugs and Cool Treasures are yours in our Snow Wonderful Mining Experience. Everyone will agree the fun is worth melting for...now and forever, Let it Go - Catch the Fever and join our team for the coolest mining fun ever!
  • Includes: Rough & Tumbled Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones, Crystals, some with cut gemstones ready for mounting. "Let Yourself Go" in this unique, fun, and exciting wonderland of Frozen Fantasy....Inspired by the Disney hit movie Frozen, Warm Hugs and Cool Treasures are yours to discover and take home with Olaf's snow wonderful buddies, Flake, Flurry, and Blizzard's mining extravaganza. We're sure everyone will agree the fun is worth melting for...now and forever!
    Includes: Rough & Tumbled Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones, Ocean Treasures, Cretaceous Fossils. Another wonderful adventure takes you back to the ancient creataceous seas. Our focus within this adventure is the combination of treasures from the ancient and modern seas with an emphasis on Shark teeth and Mosasaurus (pre-historic sea reptile - known as the T-Rex of the ancient sea) teeth. Participants will choose from a variety of treasure tanks and then pan them out in our sluice. Additonal high lights in our treasure tanks also include a variety of ocean shells, ancient sea fossils, sea glass, crystals, rocks, and minerals. No two tanks are exactly alike.
  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  • Ahoy, me hearties! Find yer' sea legs and join us for our interpretation of a swashbuckling treasure adventure! Washing ashore this summer is a pirates bounty of treasures! All ye' landlubbers who wish to take a trip back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy and explore what treasures were hidden by the nortorious swashbucklers, Captain Kidd, Calico Jack, and the most feared pirate to have sailed the sea, Black Beard. Thar be plenti of sunken treasures hidden within Davy Jones locker at the bottom of the sea at our very own Treasure Island!
  • All bucaneers are guaranteed to take home a pirates bounty, sure to please, without walking the plank!


We've cast our sea nets wide and brought to shore vast treasures only found in the deepest depths of the ocean. We've filled our giant clam shells with loads of "Mermaids Current-Sea" (a mixture of ocean treasures that mermaids use as trade). Coast on over to cast your net and fill a mermaids purse, pouch, or sea chest and take home some magical mermaid "current-sea"! Also up for adoption is a variety of mermaids, sea turtles, sharks, and other misc. sea inhabiting creatures. Hurry, this is the "BIG ONE" don't let this catch swim away......

If exploring the depths of the ocean or earth isn't your thing.....

We are "launching" an adventure that is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD!


May the Force be with you as you get ready to imagine you are traveling in a time continuum taking you to another world, one beyond our galaxy in a frontier far far away, going where no man has gone before. Our "COSMIC" MINING adventure is one that promises to be an exterrestrial experience! Close your eyes as your dream of joining the force and becoming a Jedi or Astronaut become an imaginary reality in order to explore and reveal the gems of the galaxy.



    AT THE


    Includes: Rough & Tumbled Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones, Dinosaur Fossils, Cretaceous Fossils, as well as additional items pertinent to the Jurassic Era. This is the perfect adventure for all those who are fascinated with dinosaurs, interested in becoming an archeologist, paleontologist, or, just want to be one for a little while. If you like getting your hands in soft silky sand you'll love this fun discovery dig. We've compiled some exceptional real fossil specimens that promise to knock your socks off, or, as we say, they're DINO-MITE! We make no bones (pun intended) about it, our paleo-fossil eggs are chock full of ancient Jurassic items. We've also included crystals, rocks, and minerals to make this discovery an exceptional treat. Our paleo pit is themed to the era, complete with volcano's and jungle atmosphere. There's no shortage of fun when digging into this adventure.

    prehistoric-sabertooth-skull FOSSIL PANNINGfossils

    In addition, we have fossil dig kits that offer a variety of your favorite dinosaur creature inside the dig kit as well as gift items that are real dinosaur bone and coporolite (scientific name for Dinosaur Dung) for those who want an exceptional fossil to add to or begin your collection. On display for your visual enjoyment is our collection of fossils which includes Woolly Mammoth teeth & hair, Megladon Shark teeth, and many other exciting fossils from the historical timeline of millions of years ago.

    Includes: Choosing an Oyster you want to open and discover a real pearl of your very own. Decide whether or not to add a pendant and necklace to wear it proudly. As we celebrate the oceans treasures we would be remiss if we did not include one of the oceans most lovely treasures, real pearls. We have a variety of oysters that include a real pearl hidden within. Currently available to be harvested right at our grotto or given packaged as a gift set. The gift set comes complete and ready for the recipient to open the mullosk and discover what color of pearl the oyster has developed inside. Once the pearl is removed there is a pendant and necklace to set your lovely pearl within so that it can be proudly displayed and worn as your gift from the sea. There are six different colors, each has a different meaning. What color will you reveal ?


    Join the mischevious Minions and break open real geodes! Kenny, Dave, and Stewart invite you to wear one of their miner minion helmets and become one of them for a moment while you get to experience what it's like to break open a geode that took millions of years to develop. Our custom designed geode cracker is safe and easy to use and will help YOU crack open your very own geode. Each one is unique, no two are alike. Don't forget to have your sun glasses ready, once the geodes are cracked open their glittery interior is like firey diamonds!
  • You'll want to take photographs too, so, make sure you bring your camera!


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