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Quality You Can Rely On…Service You Can Trust…Prices You Can Afford!

We will work hard to earn your trust and develop the kind of personal business relationship you deserve. Your property is more than just a “room in the mountains,” it is your investment. We vow to treat your property with care and concern, to develop an individualized marketing plan and goal for you, and to work diligently to achieve that goal. Your concerns will be met with respect.

Your questions will be answered promptly and honestly.

Our formula for success has been proven throughout the years and continues to secure a guarantee of success for our owners. Family owned and operated with a dedicated experienced staff that is 100% committed to focusing on the needs of owners and guests, along with an eclectic array of beautiful Big Bear Lake vacation homes, these attributes are just the beginning elements to our strategic formula.

Gold Rush Resort Rentals knows that exceptional property services is the foundation to a successful partnership between owners and agent. Exceptional services is also the key to keeping happy returning guests. Both issues are vital to the successful approach we are committed to. We understand that it takes clean, well-maintained homes to guarantee happy owners and repeat guests. We know that cutting-edge technology is a must, from online rental property services for guests, to our first rate presentation of rental properties. And we believe that a smile at the front counter and a friendly voice on the phone goes a long way.

Gold Rush Resort Rentals Reputation for Excellence

  • User-friendly website which is updated as needed.
  • Family ownership and hands-on management ensure accessibility to address needs promptly and effectively.
  • Personal Owner On-line account to access information pertaining to the booking calendar for your home, work orders, statements, and newsletters, available to owners 24 hrs. per day, 7 days a week.
  • Satisfied guests return year after year to Gold Rush Resort Rentals, thanks to a dedicated and experienced staff that is 100% committed to exceptional rental property service and old fashioned hospitality.

Personalized Rental Property Service using a Team Approach

  • Helpful GRRR staff personally answers all phone calls and e-mails to provide one-on-one, immediate support.
  • A knowledgeable team of professionals is available to work with homeowners 7 days a week. The “team” approach gives homeowners the assurance that someone is always available to answer questions.
  • GRRR coordinates, recruits, trains, motivates housekeepers to generate loyalty to GRRR and, consistent top notch rental property service for our homeowners and guests.
  • Quality assurance inspections are performed before and after each guest arrival/departure to ensure that the home is presented to the guest upon arrival representing our high standards as well as to verify for possible damages after departure, any issues needing attention are recorded and addressed.
  • A security damage protection insurance plan is offered as part of each guests vacation rental, providing protection for homeowners as well as guests.

Targeted, Effective Marketing

  • Market trends are continuously monitored and evaluated with an intention to adjust rates accordingly to maximize your rental income.
  • Cutting edge technology is employed to ensure immediate response to emerging market trends.
  • Periodic, targeted, marketing campaigns introduce GRRR’s Big Bear Vacation Homes to interested prospects.
  • Strategic search engine optimization yields high ranking in organic search results for GRRR’s Big Bear Lake vacation homes.
  • Aggressive pay per click campaigns have resulted in premium placement of GRRR’s Big Bear Lake rental homes in search results.
  • Partnerships with top recognized travel sites, Booking.com, Airbnb, Trip Advisor, HomeAway, VRBO, and many more.
  • Our website utilizes personalized search capability, on-line real time availability calendars, as well as offering the most extensively detailed rental property descriptions & information over and above any other vacation rental management within Big Bear today! The site also provides helpful guest information and much more.
  • Numerous print publications distributed in and away from the Big Area.
  • Radio and Television ads everyday of the year.
  • Maintain memberships with professional industry associations.

Our Personal Service

Communication and responsiveness are key ingredients in any successful business partnership and certainly apply to a vacation rental booking program. To make communication easier for our owners, our highly qualified team of staff members is available to each property owner as a resource for matters concerning your home. Members of the Gold Rush Resort Rentals Team give you the reassurance that everyone knows who you are and helps with any questions regarding your home.

Our Website offers the most information of details regarding the homes posted on any website in Big Bear today!

Through Gold Rush Resort Rentals’ comprehensive, user-friendly website, planning a vacation is made easy. Vacationers can search for a home based on their personal preferences, view interior photographs, read guest reviews, check locations on a map, and check rates and availability, “before” moving to “book” a property. We have done extensive research and have found that many times guests are required to move into the on-line “booking area” of the website, go thru and enter personal information as if they were “going to book” the home in order to get the entire total for their stay. Many guests have shared their feelings about this and have stated that they are not likely to move forward under such circumstances. Listening to guests we have made sure that the guest knows that this is NOT the case within our website. We have made sure the guests understand that you can get the total price “before” moving to reserve. This design element within our website has been successful at gaining consumer confidence as well as encouraged the consumer to make the reservation without hesitation! Since implementation we have had higher levels of conversion regarding on-line reservations as well as more inquiries.

In-depth descriptions including but not limited to, a map locator, guest reviews, cabin rating, homes offering specials, pet friendly or not, including various amenities are provided for every vacation home. Once guests have made their reservation they are able to pursue online information that will be helpful to their vacation preparations. A listing of Important Guest Information, Terms of Occupancy, Additional Rental Property Services and Rentals and Directions to Gold Rush Resort Rentals are available to coordinate with popular mapping websites.

Website Mobil Phone Compatibility

Our website is also cell phone compatible. In keeping with today’s ever changing technology, our website also has a cell phone conversion.  Guests choosing to find us or make a reservation on-line by using their cell phones won’t be disappointed or turned away. We are up to date on the latest in today’s technological advances.


In recent years, our focus has been on marketing through the internet – by far the most effective medium for reaching consumers planning vacation travel and recreation. Search engine interfaces and sponsored links, pay per click campaigns, cooperative website links, banner ads and extensive statistical analysis are all part of our on-going campaign to utilize the latest techniques and technology to maximize house rentals.

Your Owner Link – How do we reserve our dates, get statements and work orders?

Owner Link is a password protected website which allows our homeowners 24/7 access to view information about their property as well as our newsletters each month. This includes a rental calendar and reservations summary, viewing of monthly statements, and all work orders. It also enables owners to reserve their property for personal time. We believe you deserve the convenience of checking on your property’s rental status and payment history anywhere and at anytime.

Monthly Newsletters – What kind of communication can we expect?

Aside from when you wish to call our office, each month we deposit a newsletter into the Owner Link Module. This information keeps owners up to date on what we are doing behind the scenes as well as suggestions to consider in order to keep your property ahead of the curve in this challenging market place.

What do I need to do in order to put my home on a rental program?

All homes, whether you are in Big Bear Lake or the County will require a permit before allowing any rentals. All permits require an inspection by city/county officials to ensure that all the safety and code requirements are met. We will inspect the home prior to the city going out and make recommendations of any needed requirements. If the home is found to need work preformed prior to submitting your permit application we will speak with you regarding such and mutually decide how to proceed. The cost for permits are subject to change per the City, therefore is not listed here. Please call our toll free number to confirm. As your manager we will submit your documents and your payment to the city on your behalf.

Permits are renewed on an annual basis. Just because a home was passed the first time does not mean it will automatically pass the second. If the city has adopted new code requirements than those requirements must be met in order to pass on the annual inspection. All the fire extinguishers will need updating as well.

Other items you will need to do is to sign our management contract, ensure that your home has the list of items necessary for a rental (we will provide the list for you), have your chimney inspected/cleaned with the certificate for your file.

What kind of insurance do we need?

Owners must understand that the coverage shall expressly apply to short term basis/as a vacation property. A standard policy may not cover homes or properties that are rented on a short term basis. Owners need to carry, at your own expense, adequate public liability and property damage insurance on the premises in the amount of no less than $1,000,000.00 combined single limit. You will need to add Gold Rush Resort Rentals Management, LLC as additionally insured to the policy. You will need to provide the certificate of insurance prior to the commencement of the first occupancy. This insurance must be maintained throughout the duration of our agreement.

My insurance agent/company does not offer this kind of insurance, where do I get it?

If your current agent does not have the proper insurance we are happy to assist you with agents that do.


Gold Rush Resort Rentals is licensed with the State of California and the City of Big Bear Lake, as well as the County to secure payment of the required rentals tax. GRRR maintains and fulfills the obligations of the required tax and submits forms and payments  on behalf of homeowners to all agencies.


Gold Rush Resort Rentals maintains and submits required tax forms pursuant to current federal regulations on rental income. By January 31 of the following year your 1099 tax report for the previous years proceeds will be mailed to you along with a year end statement that your accountant will understand when the tax man comes calling.

How long of a commitment do I need to sign up for?

Our contract is on a month to month basis. Most of our owners want vacation rentals year round. However, if you are needing intermittent service, such as only summer or winter we can discuss your specific needs and prepare for such.

How will the rental pricing on my cabin be determined?

It is Gold Rush Resort Rentals’ objective to identify the optimum pricing structure for each home that will maximize its rental income potential. Continuous monitoring of market conditions help us determine optimal rates and identify opportunities to increase rates. Recommendations for rates are made for each property in our program after reviewing the rates of similar homes in comparable locations within (and outside) the Gold Rush Resort Rentals program.

What Does The Commission Cover?

Gold Rush Resort Rentals is compensated according to a percentage of the rent as well as the additional fees added to each rental for various services, labor and materials. Since we get paid only if your house is rented, we are highly motivated to maximize the rental potential of every property.

Commissions and fees earned thru each rental cover the cost of the rental program pertaining to marketing, accounting, administrative office personnel, services & various materials surrounding the initial acquisition of rentals, and a “standard procedure” open & close with each paid rental acquired by Agent. Commission fee visits cover the preparation for guest arrival, securing the home after departure, cleaning the home, and a quality assurance inspection after cleaning. To keep costs to our owners at a minimum, there are no inspections included between rentals unless otherwise requested by the owner. Additional service options are available to the owner on a fee basis.

How Often Will I Get Paid On Rentals?

Once per month when the prior month has had rentals. Standard procedure is to have your proceeds to you by the 15th of the proceeding month after rentals have occurred. If you had a rental arrive on Dec. 30 and stayed in the home leaving on Jan. 2 your proceeds from that rental would not arrive until Feb.15th. Likewise, if the rental began on Dec. 30 and checked out on Dec. 31st your proceeds for that rental would arrive by Jan. 15th. These checks are sent to you through regular mail service.

How often will you visit the property?

The services included as standard in the management contract applies mainly to the acquisition of rentals and the services needed to fulfill standard procedures in the responsibilities to our paying guests. Therefore, the amount of visits will depend upon your occupancy factor. If you should have need for visits in-between rentals we are happy to provide such services at an additional cost.

What will I be responsible for in the winter?

You will need to provide a vendor for plowing service on a regular basis for removing snow for any incoming, occupying, or departing guests. You will also be financially responsible for providing a snow shovel(s) as well as clearing pathways from the parking area to the front door and from the back door to the spa if applicable. Snow poles for delineating your drive way access are necessary to help prevent any problematic issues. We can make suggestions on who to contact for snow removal.

I don’t want guests smoking in my cabin, what do you do about that?

All of our homes are considered smoke free. Owners provide a can for cigarette butts. We list this within our rental contract. Should we find there has been smoking within the unit, the guest is assessed a fee to thoroughly clean with appropriate products for such purposes.

Should I Allow Pets?

This is strictly a personal decision. We have found that many visitors are requesting homes that are pet friendly. Allowing pets will greatly enhance your potential to secure higher levels of occupancy. Barring any allergy issues, we highly recommend opting into allowing pets at your property.

Why Do I Need To Have My Fireplace Cleaned?

Yes. Our insurance carrier insists on keeping up dated records on chimney inspections. An annual inspection is required along with the certificate for your file. This is an important issue. Many fires in the mountains have been attributed to chimney flues that have not been attended to properly. We highly suggest that you get a mat to put in front of the hearth to help prevent any burns from embers etc. Owners are required to provide an ash can.

Do I Need To Have A Barbeque?

Yes. Many guests tell us they enjoy the opportunity to cook outdoors and enjoy nature at the same time. Barbeques are an important amenity that many guests are wanting in their accommodations. Below is our suggestions on which type of barbeque and what the issues of concern are……

No matter what type of barbeque is used, we highly recommend using a fire retardant mat underneath!

Charcoal Barbeque: charcoal can be purchased very easily and is usually readily available. These units require very little to maintain and are the most economical choice for owners concerned over costs associated with acquiring propane etc. An additional ash can is required for this type of unit.

Propane Barbeque: Should you have a propane unit already you will need to provide two separate tanks to use so that one can be filled while the other is in use. Keep in mind that this will create an additional expense for you when the time comes to have the tank refilled by our personnel. In our experience we highly recommend having the gas company come out and port your propane barbeque to gas. This is a surprisingly easy process and helps in the safety of the use of a barbeque as well as gets rid of the annoyance and financial factor in needing to provide 2 propane tanks etc.

Natural Gas Barbeque: This is the best of all worlds! No hassles, just enjoy!

Cleaning the BBQ's, all units will need regular cleanings. This is done on an as needed basis and charged to the owners account.

Our Successful Approach on Guest Services

Your tenants are your/our guests and we treat them as such. Our mutual success depends on a high level of customer satisfaction which translates to repeat/referral business and maximum rental income. Our guests are on vacation and they expect an enjoyable and trouble-free experience beginning with the first contact with our company. Gold Rush Resort Rentals prides itself on the knowledge and professionalism of our staff. Gold Rush Resort Rentals Team members are committed to extending excellent service in an environment of personal hospitality. Our Guest surveys consistently show a high level of guest satisfaction which translates into a very high return rate.

About Our Housekeeping Services – HOW DO YOU HANDLE CLEANING?

Gold Rush Resort Rentals’ selectively hires, trains, and retains the best experienced team of housekeepers who pride themselves on the job they do and tirelessly work to ensure our homeowners and renter are provided with the highest level of cleanliness possible. We realize how important it is to guests and owners to find clean and neat accommodations upon arrival. Our goal is to have a “clean” reputation to match the sparkling customer service offered by Gold Rush Resort Rentals. Your home will be professionally cleaned to high standards after each guest’s use and by prior request for the owner if you wish the convenience.

Is the cleaning cost taken out of owner money?

No. We send personnel out to clean the home after departure as well as prior to arrival, also included is a quality assurance inspection after the cleaning is preformed. The cost for the cleaning services surrounding a rental are part of the overall cost paid for by the arriving guest.

Linen service is provided to all rentals. Service includes: Beds dressed professionally with sheets, fitted and top, pillow cases, and kitchen towels.

Towel Service: Guests do have an option of opting out of the towel service should they wish to save on the cost.

A few consumable items are placed within the home for each rental with a small portion of shared cost deducted from proceeds prior to disbursement. The standard consumables installed are, one roll of toilet paper per bathroom along with personal size soaps, one new roll of paper towels, a variety of plastic bags for trash, a kitchen sponge, and some automatic dishwashing detergent. These items are placed as a starter convenience for the guest and are in no way expected to be in continual supply for each rental.


What happens with the cleaning when I stay in my cabin?

Owner cleaning is not included as part of the management commission and will be charged separately. Although we do not make it mandatory for our owners to have service preformed, We highly encourage our owners to opt into our money saving inspection after an owner stay which includes up to one hour of service if needed. If service is not requested and found to be needed at the time of pre-arrival, service will be done at double the cost of the advertised rate. We do have discounted rates to our owners as long as they have opted for the service with prior arrangements.

What happens with the cleaning when my friends stay in my cabin?

Owner guest cleaning is not included as part of the management commission and will be charged separately. A mandatory cleaning is preformed on every owner guest stay. The charged is the current prevailing advertised rate. We do not take money from owner guests, the charged is passed onto the owner.

Do I pay for any other cleaning services?

Yes, periodic barbeque cleanings as well as twice a year a deeper cleaning to the entrerior of the home. Cleanings for barbeques will be preformed and billed as necessary. The deep cleanings are regularly scheduled each Spring and Fall. The cost for such will depend upon the size of the home and the work preformed. We also recommend professional carpet cleaning as well as window cleaning as part of your basic necessity to promote an above average well cared for home. We can get quotes for you on these additional services.

Do I supply the cleaning products used to clean my home?

We supply all the cleaning products our professional cleaners use. You would supply appropriate cleaning supplies for the renters to use while they are occupying your home for their convenience.

Will I need to supply the towels and linens?

Every home is required to supply (3) sheet sets per bed as well as (3) sets of towels (wash, hand, bath) per occupancy in order to facilitate rental needs. We have thoughtfully developed a program that removes the potential financial burden associated with the initial purchase and regular replacements of such.

If I don’t come up often, how do I know when items or maintenance is needed?

We only go out to the property when a rental is expected. At that time when service personnel goes into the property they will make notes on anything that needs attention. You may wish to order inspections between rentals or on a weekly or monthly schedule. The cost for these inspections will be determined upon the amount of time needed to perform the expected tasks. A comprehensive annual inspection is conducted for each owner during the off-season. Recommendations are made for such things as replenishing kitchen inventory, professionally cleaning or replacing carpet and furniture, painting or adding guests-requested furnishings, supplies or amenities. While it is important to maintain each property’s uniqueness, standards are necessary to meet guest expectations. A GRRR team member is always available to consult with owners on how to make their property attractive to potential guests and to generate maximum occupancy and income.

Our Maintenance Services – HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH MAINTENANCE?

Gold Rush Resort Rentals understands that maintaining your property in top condition is what guarantees guest loyalty and promotes repeat rentals. We understand that first impressions count, and our guests will form a long lasting impression of both your property and of our company. At Gold Rush Resort Rentals we are able to offer trustworthy maintenance in a timely manner. We can’t stress it enough, a well maintained home is an important part to a positive vacation experience which results in repeat or referral business. We believe that guests on vacation in the value seasons are as deserving of a home in good condition as those who vacation during high demand seasons. Vacationers have high expectations than ever before. This means constant maintenance and improvements are needed to keep up with this changing market. In addition to keeping owners informed about the condition and maintenance requirements of their property, Gold Rush Resort Rentals provides timely response 7 days a week to guest reported maintenance problems and assists owners with repairs efficiently and cost effectively by our in-house personnel  and/or securing independent contractors to get the work done in a timely manner. We take pride in our rental properties, just as you do, and we will do anything in our power to make sure all problems are addressed promptly. We also understand how important it is to use common sense and qualified maintenance staff in order to prevent unnecessary repair bills.

What about yard cleanups & decks?

It would be reasonable to expect exterior yards and/or decks to require raking and removing pine needles and weeds whether the yard is landscaped or not. This service can be preformed by our in house staff. We are happy to quote you a price for your property.

Protecting Our Owners’ Interest – HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH DAMAGES?

While there is the unavoidable risk of damage or theft whenever a property is offered for rental to the public, it is the intent of Gold Rush Resort Rentals to minimize these risks by implementing a no nonsense rental agreement attracting high-quality guests, having a security deposit protection insurance in place offered on every rental, which includes a quality assurance inspection prior to arrival and after each guest’s departure. After each guest’s visit the property is inspected by cleaners and/or the GRRR Team staff members. The inspector reports any damage, if the insurance has been purchased a claim will be filed with the insurance agency as long as it can be attributed to an accidental occurrence. If there is damage due to negligence or willful abuse guest agree to allowing their credit card to be charged in the amount required to make repairs or replacements. The inspection is not a minutely-detailed inventory, but the security deposit protection plan does address recognizable minor damage or loss (beyond “normal wear and tear”) and has been a successful deterrent against unwarranted negligence or abuse.

However, we do wish to state that agent having such protections does not alleviate the owner from having their own appropriate insurance as stated above.

Joining Our Family

When you become part of the family at Gold Rush Resort Rentals, the focus is on you! You will receive trusted, respected, and efficient management of your vacation property. You will also benefit from our belief that added value ensures guest loyalty, and that each of our homeowners deserve our undivided attention. It’s that attention to detail that gives Gold Rush Resort Rentals a distinctive edge in the Vacation Rental Industry.

Gold Rush Resort Rental offers you a Fresh Approach to Vacation Rental Management, putting you and your interests first!

Thank you for taking the time to review the Gold Rush Resort Rentals Rental Property Services Program. We hope we may be of service to you in the near future. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


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