Finding Fossils in Big Bear Lake California


dinosaur-treasuresThis is it! There's Dinosaurs in Big Bear!

Come on over and meet our resident Rex.

He'll treat you to a Rrrrroaringly awesome time!

Get a glimpse of our Jurassic Island & more.....

If you're looking for an exciting expedition that you can chomp down and sink your Jurassic teeth into, you are in for an awesome experience!

Our dinosaur and fossil dig activity will turn you into a Paleontologist for awhile and bring out the, "Indiana Jones" of excitement as you choose to sift thru the sands of time at our Paleo Pit or wash thru the jungle swamp water at the sluice to reveal and unearth real ancient fossils that are millions of years old.

Your expedition will begin by choosing one or more of our THREE PALEO EGGS. Once your choice has been made you will decide whether to use the volcano excavation pit or the jungle swamp water sluice and the expedition of discovery begins.

Either way, you are in for a T-rrrific time, one that you will most likely paleo-discoverywant to do over and over again! All the fossils, gemstones, and crystals are amazing and so is this delightfully fun and imaginative adventure.

Once your treasure is revealed you will compare your finds to the fossil specimen chart to identify which fossils you will be taking home as each paleo egg is different from the next, even if you choose the same type. No two are alike.

Along with your treasures included is the souvenir specimen chart that includes and acknowledges you as having an, "Official Dinosaur & Fossil Hunting License", perfect to frame as an additional keepsake and momento of your experience.

You will take home more than the treasure, you'll take home memories to last a lifetime!


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