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Our Maintenance & Support Services to Our Owners Without Our Vacation Rental Program

We are a Family Business

Gold Rush Resort Rentals is a family business in heart and in structure.  With that comes a personal connection to what we do as a business because what we do reflects who we are as people and as a family.  When you need to contact someone, you will have easy access to the company owners.

We know that maintaining and taking care of your Big Bear cabin is essential to maximizing your investment. Professional Management offering a variety of support services allows you the peace of mind to truly enjoy your Big Bear vacation cabin with family and friends.

If you are not interested in renting out your Big Bear cabin but are searching for a partner that supports you when you are unable to be here, we are here to service your needs.  Our program and procedures support owners in an eclectic array of options, by joining our program you become an owner partner.

We have put a dedicated team in place to fulfill your needs, the Gold Rush Resort Rental office is open 7 days a week for convenience and service.

It is essential to have an agent partner that is on the hill to address any issue of need without the necessity to make the trip up yourself. With the ever changing weather conditions in mountain environments, many unforeseen issues can arise that can become quite inconvenient to owners who sometimes live hours away.

Allowing Gold Rush Resort Rentals to become your acting agent when the need arises can turn a headache or nuisance into a quick and efficiently taken care of issue. Sometimes time is of the essence and a long drive is too burdensome or impossible for owners.  Taking the responsibility to partner with an agent who can provide you exceptional service will promote owners peace of mind.

We can also help verify if an outside vendor is doing the job you expected them to do. It’s always nice to know if a paid service is meeting your level of expectation.

Support Services for Owners who allow others to use their property:

The support we can provide owners will help your guests have a more positive experience.

Emergency and unavoidable nuisance planning should be a vital concern for owners who allow guests to stay in their Big Bear vacation rental.

Unforeseen incidences happen more often than most owners would expect. Making sure to plan for and support such occurrences by partnering with a professional is vital in selling confidence to the consumer. Showing your guests that their needs will be taken care of right away because you have an on-site customer assurance agent will go a long way in reassuring guests that any concern that may arise will not have to be dealt with by a far away owner.

Our 24 hours support services makes for headache free transactions as well as gives consumers and owners alike the peace of mind needed to solidify good practices. Consumers are more discriminating than ever, they will want to be assured that their needs are met at all times. Equally, it is vital to the protection of the investment that the owners have a quality assurance agent to alert them of any potential irregularity caused by vacationing guests. 

From a business perspective, various events highlight the importance of having a strategy to manage any situation that might have an impact on the day to day aspects of guests within your vacation home. For vacation rental owners it just makes sense to do the same. Being prepared for emergencies doesn't mean thinking of every conceivable disaster that may befall your property or your guests and then worrying for the duration of every rental in case one of them occurs. However, planning for potentially disruptive incidents can make managing them easier when they occur.

Think of it in this way, when people are out of their familiar home environment even a minor emergency can induce a state of panic. Property owners may see power outages as a nuisance whereas an unexpected power cut could cause a real challenge for people unused to the way systems work in their rented property or of a property unfamiliar to them.

The best strategy is to partner with professionals who provide 24 hour on demand services as if you, the owner, were on site in Big Bear. This will help reduce the impact of negativity when it comes to disruptions or misunderstandings without support other than calling an owner by phone, There is a lot to be said about the assurance that on-site services provide.

Our turn-key proposition is tailored to your needs. Whether your needs are for your personal time of relaxation when you arrive or when you leave, or if you allow friends, relatives, and other guests to use your property without your being there we can help support the care you need by offering these essential services at a reasonable price……..

  • White Glove Housekeeping Services
  • Linen and Towel Services
  • Pre-Arrival Inspections
  • Post Departure Inspections and Secures
  • Key Disbursements with Security Checks          
  • Verification of Outside Vendor Services
  • Quality Assurance Checks
  • Drive by Security Checks
  • Wait Services for Utility Companies
  • Acceptance of Deliveries Within Our Office
  • Handyman Repairs
  • Professional Licensed Vendors
  • Weed Abatements
  • After Hours Services
  • As well as many other options for our homeowners’ convenience.

Our service commitment to our Big Bear home owners is accomplished by managing only a limited number of properties. Our inventory and low staff-to-owner ratio guarantees personal attention, step by step involvement, immediate response to needs, and both open and frequent communication. We know our owners. Our owner partners are not just a number, they are unique individuals and so are their homes.

Together, we are partners in the successful management of your very significant investment. We never take that privilege for granted and are anxious to show our appreciation. Working together with a mutual respect as well as sharing the same goals are essential elements to a successful approach in owner/agent partnerships.

We believe that our focus on owner satisfaction in every sense of the word is our key component to the Gold Rush Resort Rental difference.

Best Practices for Office & Maintenance:

  • Owner online account that allows our owners a customized comprehensive overview of their accounts regarding statements, work orders, as well as access to our monthly newsletter.
  • Maintenance personnel to expedite service delivery, and prevent loss of guest revenues.
  • A dedicated cleaner for your specific property.
  • Annual property review by maintenance personnel.

Developing a great program doesn’t just happen, it takes continuous hard work by many dedicated individuals working together towards a common goal.

We at Gold Rush Resort Rentals continually strive to make your investment in your second home a pleasurable experience. The service we provide is done in a very professional manner with attention to detail and a reputation that exceeds many expectations. Our winning combination of “Reliable Service at prices you can afford” done by people you can trust, has made Gold Rush Resort Rentals a company many have come to rely on.

We invite you to call for a friendly chat to discuss your needs and how we can make your experience in vacation ownership a more pleasurable one.

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