Halloween Costumes Finalize the Big Bear Oktoberfest

When you walk in the door, you know you've entered another reality. The tables arranged in long rows, looking a little like a medieval Great Hall, the pennants hanging from the high ceiling. The Bavarian theme overhangs the dance floor and tables. But, looking at your fellow partygoers, if you thought Lederhosen and Dirndl are "costumes", wait until you see the variety that shows up this last night! We're not saying you need to dress or look outrageous, but it helps. This is Big Bear, and by now you well know, Big Bear can party!

Since Halloween is a "dark" night, and you've already been caught wearing sunglasses with that chicken hat, make it complete! Think, "Dunkel"! Dunkel is dark and that's the color of the beer. Whatever you thought you were going to drink, instead, sit down with a dark brew and a brat; or at least a pretzel or two. Don't think, "beer". Think, "food". The dark brews have a developed, richer sugar than the light brews. A good brewmeister knows how to gently roast the barley until it develops a rich, deep brown color. This gives a deep flavor to match the richness of the caramelizing sugars. Blended with those bitter hops and aged to maturity, all that taste rolls across your mouth, not even coming into full flavor until you swallow. Something we don't always remember, beers in Germany are served at room temperature. You need to give your mouth a moment as this can be a little surprising. More complex flavors come out that you won't find with a colder brew. On the other hand, the burgermeister and his crew here in Big Bear, keep those brews nicely cooled for a more western palate.

We all want to welcome you to the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest celebration.

Recognized as the highest altitude Oktoberfest in the United States, we stay true to our Bavarian roots, while embracing and emphasizing our American and Southern California attitude to having a good time. We've met visitors who've come directly from the Bavarian Oktoberfest to the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest. More than one person has said Big Bear's Oktoberfest felt like the same thing. We are honored to keep that tradition alive all these years, and look forward to your joining us again and again.

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