Contests at the Big Bear Oktoberfest

Now is the time to raise your altitude and come to Big Bear. This year, the weather has been truly lovely! In fact, this is the best weather for Oktoberfest in many years. Daytime temperatures are magnificent! Early morning, and towards evening, a light jacket or sweater comes in handy.

The temps have dropped a few degrees at night. There can be frost in the morning. Grab your coat and come experience the crisp, clean, Fall air of the San Bernardino Mountains.

Now is also a special time, because all of Big Bear is in Autumn glory.

Every street has brilliant Fall foliage. Bring your cameras! The trees and bushes are really showing off their colors.

There is still time for lodging reservations and tickets are definitely available for the Oktoberfest. Gather the clan and come up to the mountains! From most of Southern California, driving from home to Big Bear Lake and back, uses less than a tank of gas. That also includes your driving around Big Bear Lake, runs to the store, and your visit to Oktoberfest at the Convention Center.

Just because the Autumn weather is coming on strong, doesn't mean the party has stopped! 12 noon and the gates open. That golden Oktoberfest brew is still flowing. Bratwurst are coming out of the kitchen as fast as they can be dished up. The Chicken Dance is still pulling everyone onto the dance floor. Burgermeister Hans is still raising the steins high and calling the toasts. Heidi is calling the contests. Prizes are being awarded! Oktoberfest is in high spirits!

Each Sunday hosts the children's contests, including Pretzel eating and boot holding. All children are invited to participate in the fun.

Remember, on Sunday, children's admission is free.

Throughout the weekend, log sawing contests are also held. Teams of two are pitted against a large log with an old fashioned, double-handled pull saw. 2-man teams, 2-woman teams, or the mixed teams affectionately called, "Hansel and Gretel", are put to the test. The crowd really loves this contest! Don't hold back. Any Oktoberfest guests may participate.

Grab your partner and give it a try! Whether you win or lose, you get to keep your "biscuit" with your winning time marked on it.

We mentioned the other contests, stein holding, beer chugging, stein carrying. Did you know, the World Record stein carry is held by a Big Bear local? Bonnie Kelso carried 21 filled one-liter steins a distance of 20 feet. That's over 100 pounds! Soon after, Lowenbrau brewery in Germany got the news and couldn't believe it. In 1974, Bonnie was flown to Germany and did it again. 37 years later, that record is unbroken!

Big Bear's still got the attitude!

The other test of your focus and nerves is the stein holding contest.

Anyone may enter. There are mens and womens events. Deceptively simple, you must hold a full 1-liter stein at arms length and shoulder height...FOREVER!

The crowd starts cheering, the music rises, Heidi on the microphone keeps the encouragement going, and the arms start shaking. Focus and a certain, "Who cares?" attitude may help win the day. A smile helps.

We learned a secret from an old-time stein holding contestant. Don't hold the handle! Wrap your hand through the handle and around the whole glass. (Hey! If you win, buy us a beer!) Just so you know your goal, since the 80's, the record is 21 minutes. Doing anything else important?

How about it?

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