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Anglers who want to fish Big Bear Lake will love our Big Bear Lake Vacation Rentals. Of the many recreation lakes in Southern California, Big Bear Lake is the largest. While fishing the fully stocked lake, you'll enjoy peaceful views of the mountain forests and find tranquility in the awe inspiring waterscapes.

Get "reel" in Big Bear, quick reference on fishing the lake & streams. That is, until you feel that tug at your line, and you pull back your rod at just the right moment, next thing you know you're playing tug-of-war with a beautiful Rainbow Trout. As you pull your catch out of the water and get a good look at the size of the fish on your hook, take a moment to enjoy the sound of the cool water splashing. This is fishing. This is Big Bear Lake at its finest, and we're open all year round. For those of you who want a professional experience, Big Bear has fishing Charters to help get a "reel" professional experience. Whether you are a beginner, novice, or experience angler, a fishing charter can add extra excitement and more to the fishing experience. Bring the family on a fishing charter with Lucky Bear Fishing, they are family friendly and welcome children of all ages to get out and get "reel" on Big Bear Lake, including your beloved pooch. Read more about children and Lucky Bear....

We've included a boating map of the lake as well as the general rules & regulations on the lake for your convenience. Big Bear Lake is fully stocked and boasts an excellent variety of fish. Catch Black Crappie up to one and half pounds using live minnows and shiners, or use jig with lead head at 1/8th ounce. Blue Catfish are also abundant, can be caught using many kinds of bait, and are loads of fun to reel in using red worms as bait. Bluegill up to 2 pounds can be caught, especially if you remember to use a smaller hook. Use worms, insects, or snails to catch Rainbow trout. Don't forget to cast your line for some bass fishing as well. You can reel in Big Mouth and Small Mouth Bass depending on how deep your sinker falls.

Don't forget to stock up on fishing supplies. There are numerous Fishing Sport Shops in the area. Big Bear Sporting Goods, the Big Bear Queen (corner of Paine Rd. and Lake View Dr.), Big Bear Mountain Jr. Market and the Alpine Sports Center are some the region's shops. Pleasure Point Marina, Holloway’s Marina, and Pine Knot Marina also have supplies and boat rentals of all kinds as well as sell fishing licenses. From lures to bait and fishing poles, you'll be sure to find anything you need to catch the kind of fish you want. Also, the State of California requires a fishing license for anyone 16 years of age or older. A California Fishing License can be obtained online from the Department of Fish and Game. Guests from out of state can save money by acquiring a temporary license.

Fishing from the Dam is prohibited. Fishing from the shore is fine. Some fishermen get up early and sit on either the north or south side of the Dam. The water is colder, allowing for higher oxygen levels.

You can also park your car on either side of Stanfield Cutoff and cast your line. You’ll have to get there early to get a good parking space. Trolling Fishermen need to display a white flag.

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