Christmas Vacation Cabins in Big Bear Lake California

Ahhh, Christmas vacation is just about here. This is when Big Bear has it’s busiest season of the year!

We love it during the Christmas and holiday season!  Hundreds, no, thousands of families come up to Big Bear to spend their Christmas vacation year after year.  At time of this publishing, we are busily preparing all of our cabins so they are perfect for your vacation getaway.

The Christmas vacation holiday season begins each year the week prior to Christmas and lasts thru the first week of the New Year. You’ll want to plan your Christmas vacation in Big Bear as early as you can otherwise you may not get the cabin you are hoping for, as our cabins rent out quickly this time of year.

Our concierge services include items to bring a more festive touch to your cabin over the holidays. We can deliver Christmas trees complete with decorations or not, ready to be decorated by you and your family or fully decorated prior to your arrival. We also have options for floral center pieces, mantle decor, and Christmas Wreaths on your door. If this is of interest to you, call our office to get the most current rates on items.

Bring the kids up to the snow for a Christmas vacation to remember! Big Bear usually gets snow around the middle to the end of November. Our two ski resorts, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain will have snow regardless of mother nature as their snow making capabilities are endless with the newest in snow making technology.  So, for all you skiers and snowboarders you’ll have plenty of terrain to make your season bright! What? You don’t know how to ski? Well, you’re never too young or too young at heart to learn! Sign yourself or your kids up for ski school and learn how to ski or snowboard, both resorts offer lessons.  I know, the kids just got out of school but ski school is one type of school that everyone loves and the homework is literally on the slopes, if you know what I mean.

If skiing or snow boarding is not your interest then try the tubing runs at Magic Mountain. They are also abundant with snow as they too make their own snow for their inner tubing runs, so, there’s plenty of the white stuff to ensure the family has a memorable time.

Also, don’t forget to make a new friend! A snowman that is. You’d be surprised, you really don’t need much snow to make one, so, be sure you take some time, be creative and you’ll have a new friend in no time at all!  You know what they say, “You can never have too many good friends”. Hey, take a picture with your new friend and write your brief story, submit it to us and we’ll publish it here on our website. Here's a few suggestions on how to get started building your snowman. Now, go out and have some "snow wonderful" fun!

While you’re out in the snow, make some snow balls and have a good old fashioned snow ball fight! We’re just kidding, we really don’t mean to fight, we just meant to toss them gently at each other!

What about making a snow fort? Now, you’re talk’n, with construction at its lowest since the beginning of the recession, a snow fort is just the right thing to perk up the neighborhood!

Hey, another idea here, make your very own super real fresh snow cones! Just make sure the snow you use is pure white and fresh, no foot/boot , dog/animal prints, and definitely NOT yellow!  All you need is some food coloring and flavorings, add some clean fresh snow and wa-la, nature fresh snow cone!

Don’t forget, it’s Christmas vacation and you need to do some more Christmas season activities. Check out our instructions for baking in altitude and bake a gingerbread house. It’s fun to take your time and decorate the house with gum drops, icing, candy canes, and all the trimmings when its snowing outside. This is a great indoor activity for the family to do together. 

During the holiday's the Grizzly is spearheading the Big Bear Valley Tour of Lights contest. This is a contest where residents and businesses throughout the Big Bear Valley will compete to see who will win the prize for the best lighting display. This is fun for the valley, not only to enjoy the beautiful displays but the judging is done by the readers. In the evenings, warm up some hot cider or cocoa to sip on and hop in your car and drive around to look at the many homes and businesses that are putting their best foot forward to entice votes.

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