Autumn In Big Bear & Oktoberfest Shopping

Autumn is fully here in Big Bear Lake!

The San Bernardino Mountains are turning colors and Big Bear has some of the finest fall foliage displays happening right now. We expect the brightest colors through the end of the month of October. If you haven't made your reservations for your Oktoberfest tickets and a place to stay, now is definitely the time! All roads are open to Big Bear and the burgermeister awaits to toast your arrival.

At the parking lot, if you haven't made your Oktoberfest reservations ahead, the line forms to the right. Come early. When you see the line winding around the parking lot, don't worry, join in at the end and enjoy the progress to the start. Everyone has a joking good time while waiting. Most of the time, the long line is not due to a slow gate. At the other end, the building could be full to capacity, and it takes some time for earlier arrivals to "turn over" and make room for more.

We have to say something about the Budenstrasse, Avenue of Vendors, at the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest. This place rocks! Bring your extra dollars because you are going to discover so much stuff that you actually need!

Ladies, this is the best Oktoberfest tip!

Year after year, our experience has been this:

A group of men and women come in the "Start" gate, which conveniently places you in the Bundestrasse.

We've seen it. A woman's nature is to shop on the way in the door.

Please! Quickly! Get your men a sandwich or drink! He needs something in his hands as soon as he enters the gate. He came to Oktoberfest, and the implications are, Food & Drink, in either order. Look at his eyes. They are unfulfilled, not understanding why you stopped before the apparent REAL reason he came. On the other hand, once he's got that stein in his hand and enjoyed a Brat, he can freely walk around with you. You know, if he's got some of those basics in line; you can shop the rest of the day! (Don't you just love men?)

Now, you need to prepare your personal party crowd psychologically. Once seated and served your drinks, wait at least an hour and a half from the time the first "Prosit!" is lifted. Food is not necessary for this, but is always nice.

Once you and your friends are proceeding to a happy and restless state, get up and head straight outside to the Bundestrasse. You can take your drinks with you! You can even refill them outside.

Having a sassy good time, seems to be what's going on outside. Being in the clean Big Bear air brings your energy up. The kids are running around like they well should, and there's room for them! The adults tend to walk lightly while clinking their steins with others' steins and giving friendly "Cheers!" Funny, that actually is the reputation here.

People are friendly, relaxed and having a good time.

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