Real Pearls Harvested from Mullosks in Big Bear Lake California

Real pearls are the oceans most lovely gift.

We invite those who wish to acquire a special pearl of their own and actually harvest it yourself to “coast” on over and “dive” into our AiReal’s Mermaid Grotto.


AiReal and her mermaid princesses are waiting for your little prince or princess to discover where real pearls come from. AiReals oysters are ready and waiting to be harvested and taken home for you to admire for years to come. Our Pearl Birthing Ceremony allows each person to choose their own oyster from the oyster bed and go thru the process of 'birthing' (opening) to reveal for the first time ever the beautiful pearl within. NOTE: AiReal's Oysters and birthing ceremonies are available year round, HOWEVER, AiReal's Grotto pictured above is has been transformed into our, "Frozen" themed adventure. AiReal's Gotto will resume at a later date. Thank you for your patience. Located under our covered porch so that you can easily enjoy this activity sheltered from the rain, snow, or shine!

Our grotto is colorful and fun and awaits all those looking to pluck an oyster from its oyster bed and harvest a beautifpearl_in_oysterul natural pear just for you.  Our mermaid princesses are perched in their respective places within the grotto in order to watch the excitement as you open the oyster and reveal the real pearl hidden within.

Aside from capturing your own pearl, the experience of harvesting the pearl yourself is an additional bonus, we are sure you will create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Be the very first to pry open the mullosks tighlty closed protective shell and seperate the pearl from its jaws. The pearls are real, they vary in size as well as color.

There is an ancient legend that suggests the pearls have a magic power and those who open the mollusk and take out the pearl will have their dreams and wishes come true.

Our Pearl Birthing Adventure will begin by choosing which oyster you want to harvest then you will make a wish prior to beginning the opening of the mollusk. Once the shell has been opened you will feel for the pearl as it will be incased within the tissue of the mullosk, once discovered you will pop the skin and the pearl will be released. The cleansing of the pearl will be done and then you are welcome to take home and enjoy as is or decide if you would like to mount it to wear around your neck.

There are six varied colors of pearls, each with their own meaning and good luck fortune.



 After you birth the pearl you will have an opportunity to choose from a variety of pendants as well as necklace options in order to customize just the right design to wear your pearl proudly.


For more information about the pearls please click this link.

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